After several years of practicing law in Czech and foreign law firms, we decided to open our own firm. Our main reason for taking this step was to change the established approach of practicing law with respect to clients and offer legal services built on the basis of mutual respect and fairness. We have set ourselves several ethical principles, which describe who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Štimák & Partneři

Street Kolátorova 10
Praha 6 - Břevnov
169 00

Tel.: +420 222 939 890
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Our client always comes first

Our goal is our client’s satisfaction, which we derive from an understanding of the business and enterprise of our client and a comprehension of their needs. We also respond swiftly to any questions or requirements a client may have, providing innovative and comprehensive services.

Quality is our attribute

We combine technical excellence in our work with a business and trade-oriented approach and focus on finding optimal solutions.

Focusing on success

In our work we strive vigorously and actively look for ways to provide the best solutions and business results for our clients.

Respect and friendliness

With our client we work as an integrated team in an atmosphere of mutual respect, loyalty and friendship. All those who turn to our office may rely on our openness and receptiveness toward their requirements.


We always act professionally and approach each task in a responsible and personal manner with regard to the specific conditions and requirements of each client. If, in providing legal services, we should encounter an obstacle that is beyond our expertise, then in consultation with our client, we will provide the necessary external expert.


We draw on professional experience acquired through many years of working in leading Czech and foreign law firms, where we have provided legal services to an array of Czech and foreign clients.


We deal with tasks, which are entrusted to us by our clients, very thoroughly and responsibly, not neglecting a seemingly minute detail, which may often hamper a successful solution.

A Reasonable Fee

We try to maintain maximum efficiency when it comes to the cost of running our office. Therefore, we are able to charge fees for our legal services, which are not increased by the cost of paying high rent and salaries of an unnecessarily large administrative apparatus. Fees are always set beforehand on an individual basis and in mutual agreement with the client.